The Phyllis Margolius Family Foundation is committed to investing in people, programs, organizations and ideas to strengthen the greater Washington, DC Jewish and non-Jewish community and Israel.

The Foundation makes grants to local Jewish and non-Jewish charitable causes in the Washington DC community and actively seeks opportunities to leverage foundation resources through partnerships with other foundations and non-profit organizations. The Foundation provides resources to encourage participation by members of the local Jewish Community in multiple Jewish organizations and activities and activities; and provides funds for Washington based programs that support the State of Israel.

Within these areas

The Foundation pursues its mission by:


organizations that support active hands-on assistance to and enrichment of metropolitan Washington DC area Jewish and non-Jewish residents;


programs that will involve members of the Jewish community in the needs of the less fortunate in the Washington DC metropolitan community.


programs connecting the Washington DC Jewish community to Israel.


and assisting organizations to be inclusive to interfaith families within the local Jewish community;


resources to fund programs that will address the high costs of being an active member in the Washington, DC Jewish community, such as the enormous costs of belonging to or participating in more than one of the following: Jewish day schools and after school programs, synagogues, Jewish community centers, Jewish youth groups, Jewish day and overnight camps, and adult Jewish learning.

The Foundation was established in memory of Phyllis Margolius – a native Washingtonian, a natural altruist and philanthropist and an ardent supporter of the Washington DC community as a whole and Israel. The Foundation’s vision is inspired by her legacy. We are motivated by her lifelong commitment to this community, Tikkun Olam (Repairing the World) and Phyllis’ integrity, values, willingness to take a risk to accomplish goals she believed in, her love of life, and her uncanny ability to bring people together to help the community and her commitment to solve problems and fulfill unmet needs in the community.